“I believe that decluttering is an essential first step in discovering the style and design that will transform the way you live.”

Tamara Jane Interiors offers a professional organisation and decluttering service.

I work closely with clients – both adults and in many cases children – to restore your home to order and help you love it again. At all times, we listen closely to your needs and work at a pace that is comfortable to you. No item is discarded without your permission.

We can:

assess and provide storage needs (including furniture ordering, delivery and assembly/installation)

sort unwanted items (toys, games, clothes, etc) for storage, donation, recycling or disposal

clean as we go – all spaces are left tidy and organised

reorganise the layout of rooms and contents so that they are visually attractive as well as optimising their potential

introduce simple, practical and stylish systems to get and keep you organised

combine our decluttering skills with decorating and design services to transform your home (or indeed workspace) and bring energy back into your life!

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